Struddick Farm, Seaton

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  • OS Map Coordinates: Sheet 201 - SX 295 545
  • Latitude: 50°21'57.6"N
  • Longitude: 4°24'15.2"W
  • Geo ID: geo:50.3660,-4.4042?z=15


  • Paragliding: Club Pilot
  • Hang-gliding: Club Pilot

If unsure, check with one of the club coaches before flying.


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Please ensure all litter is picked up, dogs are kept on a lead at all times and the gate from the road is kept shut because of livestock.
If there are cattle in the field, you can shut them in the adjoining field if there is an open gate, but ensure the last person leaving opens the gate again.


HG’s should rig in front of the copse at the back of the field and walk forward when rigged. Keep either side of the copse clear as HG’s may land in that area.

PG’s can rig behind take off, but beware of pilots who may be trying to land.

Take Off

Generally good, but beware of rotor from hedge if wind is more than 10 degrees off.
There is scrub beyond the bottom hedge and right hand fence, so ensure you have sufficient lift before committing.
PGs don’t be too far down in light winds, or too far back in strong.

Top Landing

Usually behind take off, and just in front of the copse of trees for Hang Gliders who may overshoot and have to go around again.
Watch out for power lines round the side and back of this field.

PG have plenty of slope landings with no problems, although some are tight.

Watch out for power lines round the side and back of this field.
Beware of rotor at the back of the field in strong conditions.

Bottom landing

Only a scrape of beach at low tide, which can not be seen below take off, With an horrendous walk out. Best to bomb out to the left of T/O as the fields slope down towards Seaton and its an easier walk back.

The beach at Seaton can be used as an emergency landing in winter only, because in the summer it is crowded - especially at high tide.


It has been found to be difficult to get true wind speed readings at this site and people have been caught out because they found flyable speeds at take off, while there were “white horses” on the sea and wind lines indicating stronger wind. Some people claim to have soared this site in 6 mph - but the true wind was probably double that sensed in the field.

Watch out for power lines round the side and back of this field.

Please do not linger over the “Monkey Sanctuary”
Do not over fly the sanctuary at less than 200ft
Try to pass behind or otherwise out to sea over the beach.

Local Flying

Possible to ridge run west towards Looe and east to Polhawn Fields.


At Seaton take the narrow coast road going west just behind the beach cafe, after 0.9 miles look for a gate on the left hand side, at the first junction to the right.


On the road going North away from the sea, on the grass verge opposite the gate to the take off field, Only in the summer when the ground is dry will the farmer allow us to park in the field. Maximum of 10 vehicles in the field. No parking in the field when the field is in crop, do not spoil their crop!

Sat Nav directions to parking.

Interactive Site Map

Emergency Information

Dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard.
If you cannot make voice calls, you can now contact the 999 Emergency Services by SMS. Note: You must register this prior to an emergency.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name and mobile number of who is calling
  • What has happened?
    What is the problem, state of the casualty. Ensure you use Fall from Height and Remote Location.
  • Location: OS Grid Reference Sheet 201 - SX 295 545 or specific location if different.
  • Details of casualty: Name, Age, Address (if known).