Dartmoor Rules

Flying on Dartmoor is controlled by law, permission to do so has to be granted by the Dartmoor National Parks Authority. South Devon Hang-Gliding & Paragliding Club has a licence to fly, only on designated sites for it’s members. The club has been authorised to control Hang Gliding and Paragliding on the moor.

Anyone wishing to do so must be a member of the club, (full or temporary) and also a member of the BHPA with current third party insurance.

It is illegal to drive 15 yards (13.75 metres) from the metal/tarmac road on Dartmoor.

Dartmoor is not only a military training area, but also a designated DANGER AREA from ground level to 10,000 feet.

DO NOT CROSS areas bounded by Range Marker Boards when red flags are flying from nearby high points.

DO NOT PICK UP any unidentified objects.

Keep a sharp lookout for low flying aircraft, particularly during the week.

It can be a very long and lonely walk out, especially for Hang Glider pilots. Advise others of your intentions, always carry map, compass and water. Dartmoor can be an unforgiving environment.

Firing Ranges

Check the Dartmoor Firing Ranges before flying.

Areas to Avoid

Dartmoor National Park have supplied information of areas in which they would like us to avoid:

  • crossing on foot away from established paths.
  • avoid landing (except in true emergency)
    Overflying is not a problem.

The following are National Nature Conservancy and other conservation areas to be avoided at all times:

  • Wistmans Wood/Longaford Newtake 2km North of Two Bridges East of West Dart River for 1km ,1km North of B3212 to 3 km North of B3212
  • Black-a-tor Copse NE side of West Okement river 1Km East of Corn Ridge
  • Piles Copse 5km N of Ivybridge 1km sq approx 642611 to 649622
  • Enclosed areas of Huntingdon Warren 1 km NW of Avon Reservoir
  • Rocky areas of Cox Tor

Seasonal restrictions

March 1st to 15 July

To avoid rare ground nesting birds

  • Tavy Cleave
  • Steeperton Tor 2km SSW of Belstone (Oke Tor) ridge, just within the top 50 vertical feet contour
  • Headland Warren This is already an avoidance area between Grimspound and the Warren Inn, downwind of King Tor
  • Cut Hill/Black Hill, area to E, NE and SE of Fur Tor (Wading birds) about 12 sq Km in total, This is downwind, 7 km SW of Sourton
  • Keep away from where waders might nest.
  • Swell Tor Quarries 3km West of Princetown, quarries and 100m around.