Cox Tor

Check our Before you Fly page.


  • OS Map Coordinates: Sheet 191 - SX 529 764
  • Latitude: 50°34'01.0"N
  • Longitude: 4°04'36.7"W
  • Geo ID: geo:50.5669,-4.0768?z=15


  • Paragliding: Club Pilot
  • Hang-gliding: Club Pilot — with advice

If unsure, check with one of the club coaches before flying.


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Read about Dartmoor Flying before setting out.

Take Off

Staight forward for both HG and PG.

Top Landing

Good, as long as clear of boulders

Slope Landing

Beware of boulders. Boulders are sometimes hidden in bracken.

Bottom landing

PG Good, see slope landing warnings.

HG Trickey, beware of boulders in bracken, and the fact that the ground does slope away, so landing a double surface HG can be interesting. You do need to track across wind very low before turning into wind. Check out the bottom landing area first, especially if the wind is off the hill.


Be sure not to fly over the farm to the west of the site i.e. beyond the stone wall at the bottom of the TO hill, unless well above TO height as the farmer takes exception to people flying low over his cattle and we have assured him this won‘t happen anymore.

Local Flying

Tor is not very steep, so dynamic lift is limited.

XC Flying

Excellent potential. But read Dartmoor Flying. The west face is best for XC, allowing the road across the moor to be followed to Two Bridges, Dartmeet, Ashburton and beyond.


Take the Tavistock/Princetown road to the car park due south of the western- most tor (this is Cox Tor). From there drive towards Tavy and as the road starts to lose height there’s a narrow tarmaced road off to the right which will take you to the base of the Tor where you can park. But only close to the road ( there’s a local Dartmoor bylaw which prohibits driving too far away from tarmac).

Sat Nav directions to parking.

Interactive Site Map

Emergency Information

Dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Police and then Mountain Rescue explaining your circumstances.
If you cannot make voice calls, you can now contact the 999 Emergency Services by SMS. Note: You must register this prior to an emergency.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name and mobile number of who is calling
  • What has happened?
    What is the problem, state of the casualty. Ensure you use Fall from Height and Remote Location.
  • Location: OS Grid Reference Sheet 191 - SX 529 764 or specific location if different.
  • Details of casualty: Name, Age, Address (if known).