Reserve Parachute Repack - 2020

Reserve Parachute Repack - 2020

Yearly reserve parachute repack.

Repack will be held at South Brent Village Hall on the 14th of March . This will be held by Greg Emms (BHPA Reserve Packer).
We have 4 hours between 11.00am and 4.00pm.
Cost per reserve to pack will be £15 and all pilots are welcome what ever club you may be joined to.
Greg Emms will be overseeing the repacking and looking out for any reserves unfit to be packed and guidance to see reserves are packed correctly and connected!
You will have the opportunity to hang and throw your reserve so you will know your reserve is compatible with your harness and will deploy when required.
Tea coffee and biscuits will be available .


Saturday 14 March 2020.


South Brent Village Hall, TQ10 9AQ

Reserve Parachute Repack 2020: Canopy check